So you want to coach the Socceroos? – A timeline of past coaches

I’ve always felt like a fair-weather friend to the Australian soccer team.

I’m not sure. I might have something to do with foreign aspect of the game. It never felt like it was ‘our’ game, it never felt ‘Australian’ enough to me. Why should I embrace somebody’s baby?

The frustrated passion that shone through after consecutive 6-0 losses to Brazil and France, was a good start. It re-ignited an eagerness to improve ourselves on the world stage.

Whilst it’s encouraging that the A-League has kicked off its season with record attendances and media coverage, the national team feels as though pride is still lacking they way it should for representing your nation.

As Ange Postecoglou pointed out in The Age a week ago, “For a long time the Socceroos have stood for courage and a competitive nature in the face of adversity, sadly this is no longer the case”.

“What has happened over the past six or seven years is that self-interest, self-preservation and survival mechanisms have ensured that we no longer see ourselves as true Australian sportsmen.”

For the last 8 years the national team has been led by managers born outside of Australia. Admittedly, they know their trade well, but when it comes to capturing the heart of the nation, to inspire the team against the odds, it isn’t the way to go.

Let’s play football the ‘Australian’ way.

With Melbourne Victory’s Ange Postecoglou now appointed as the head coach, the Socceroos welcomes only the third native-born manager of the team since 1970.

With a good record behind him and a driving passion to enhance the code in this country, we look like we’re in good hands for the next few years. If nothing else, it has got me interested in the game, and the fair-weather looks to be subsiding.

Ange, we welcome you to the top job, and hope that you are committed to taking the game back to the Australians.


Oh yes! And here is an infographic…

Coach Socceroos3

In Ange we trust,


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