My name is Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens, and I am studying a Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) at Melbourne’s La Trobe University. I created and edit this website as part of my studies in 2013. I’m always on the look out for Broadcast, Journalism or Design career opportunities, so if you’ve got any ideas, let us know here. (Resume at LinkedIn)

This blog is based around the idea of Information graphics or infographics. I’ve always been fascinated with statistics, and I’ve found best way to communicate these numbers was to turn it into a visual display. Scattered throughout this blog, these infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge, often told into a story-like manner.

I’m a big follower of the AFL (Swannies tragic), athletics, cycling, tennis and other sports, so naturally, I combined my loves to create the various graphs, stats and infographics that you see here on this site.

I’m a Mornington Peninsula local, and I enjoy running, in particular, the 800m. Read about my athletics story here!

In case you were wondering, ‘Cobba’ stems from my full name, Ja’cob’. The old term of ‘Cobber’ is undoubtedly Australian, something I am very proud of. It’s also another word for mate, something I think reflects my friendly personality.

For any questions about how Cobba creates infographics and his inspiration for this site, click here.

Cobba also writes for The Footy Almanac.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your work Cobba.
    Just a heads-up, there is a small typo in the description of Sinead’s infographic; it reads “over ever” but should read “ONLY ever”. 🙂
    PS I’m designing some education resources on The Comm Games at the Gold Coast & would love to have a yarn with you about it!

  2. Hi Jake: Congrats on your Port Phillip Bay report. Just a comment on the section which states: ….dredging saw 23 million cubic metres of sand, silt and toxic sludge dumped offshore from Mt Martha….. this is not correct. Only about 10 million cubic metres was dumped there. The rest of the 23 million cubic metres, (including the 3+ million tonnes of toxic and contaminated spoil from the Yarra dredging), was dumped in the Northern spoil ground in the Bay, south of the port, approximately west of Mordialloc.

    Jenny Warfe.

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