Content Services

Thanks for visiting my site. Cobba’s Infographics & Media Solutions’ started from a passion. A passion for design, data and journalism.

It’s here I’d like to help you. We encourages businesses to work with us in establishing themselves in an online environment and open new opportunities to market themselves better in a modern society.

There’s always ways to improve your business, so let me discuss with you the ways in which media and communications can help grow your business and connect better with your customers.

With all my clients I willing to go the extra mile. I’m willing to sit down and talk through the ways we can work together to build a unique, efficient and effective marketing campaign that suits your business goals and budget.

Remember, I am here to help explore new avenues in media and set you up online so you can manage your business online yourself. Conversely, if you’re just looking for someone to run your webpage or social media accounts, I’m ready and well-equipped to do so.


Infographics or ‘information graphics’ are all about taking complex ideas and presenting them in a simple and visually attractive format. Infographics are perfect for social media, analysis shows that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a standard block of text. But the most effective aspect of an infographic is its ability to be shared online and reach virality. Infographics are most effective when they are data driven, where they combine journalism and data analysis with design and online marketing. Visit for more information on how infographics can help your business.

Social MediaManaging social media can be a hassle, but in modern day marketing it is crucial for any business to have an online social presence. But it’s more complicated than just setting up a Facebook page or starting a Twitter account, your social media platforms need a strategic plan to be able to communicate to your intended audience with the right tone, style and frequency. Have confidence that we can set you up with all the accounts you need and manage them with strategic posts that engage and target your audience. Visit for more information on how social media can help grow your business.


Text is still the basis of all B2B and B2C communication and we realize just how crucial saying the right things are. Whether it be on a blog, or in an advertising campaign, knowing how to convey key brand messages and drive customer behavior is a vital asset to have. But it’s not just that, writing in SEO terms, keywords, titles, URLS, Meta descriptions are invaluable to any business looking to have a presence online. Let us do the hard work while you can focus on running your business! Visit for more information on how we can help with your copywriting needs.

Marketing Strategy

We understand that a full time marketing manager isn’t suitable for all businesses, that’s why part of the content services we deliver, all revolve around a strategic marketing plan designed especially to suit your needs, goals and budget. Events, experiences, advertising and your brand image are all part of the marketing strategy we can provide. Return on your investment is paramount, and with the right plan in place, we can assure that your marketing goals can be met in the most efficient way possible. Visit to see how we can help market your business appropriately.

Photos and Video

Photos and videos are still the simplest and most cost-effective form of visual content for your business. Whether it be for use on your website, social media or advertising campaigns, appropriate commercial photos or videos can be just what is needed for your business to remain in the minds of your current and potential customers. Equipped with all the gear you could need, we can help you every step of the way to achieve your audio/visual needs. Another pathway to consider would be the use of motion graphics, which act like infographics but in an exciting and engaging video format. Visit to see how photos and video can make a big difference to your business.


The days of boring presentations are over! Take your audience sit up and take notice with cleanly designed and highly explanatory Powerpoint slide presentations. Our presentations are much like our infographics. Well researched, beautifully designed, and focused directly on what you’re trying to achieve. The best way to educate or influence your audience is to keep them interested and we promise to do just that! These presentations can then be converted and used on social networking sites like LinkedIn or Slideshare. Visit to see how our presentations will be the most memorable you’ll ever see.

Let me know how I can help, or 0428 807 052


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