IAAF World Athletics Championships – Infographics for Athletics Australia

With Rio 2016 less than a year away, the sporting world cast their eyes over to Beijing, where the IAAF World Athletics Championships were taking place.

Track and field royalty were lighting up the track for each of the 7 day competition, and athletics fans were able to catch a glimpse of the world’s best athletes in the peak of their season.

Australia sent 49 athletes across 29 events to the championships, and as a part of Athletics Australia’s online presence during the competition, I created several infographics to raise awareness of the championships and celebrate the achievements of our athletes!

Beijing, the Aussies are Coming!

A little about the host city…


Using various athletics superlatives provided by AA, many graphics in the lead-up to the event were based upon previous championships data.


And here I drew away some specific examples for particular athletes:

Some featured graphics on individual performances:

And finally to celebrate our two medallists at the championships I created one-off posters for both Jared Tallent and Fabrice Lapierre immediately after the respective events:

Eleanor Patterson Brandon Starc2


My work at Athletics Australia continues with athlete profiles as well as graphic work in the lead up to their upcoming domestic season. More to come…

Higher, Faster, Stronger,



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