Brazil World Cup 2014 Finals Predictions Infographic

After 48 matches across 12 stadiums involving 32 national teams, the knock-out stage of the FIFA World Cup 2014 is set to begin. Using the latest betting markets based on recent team performance, the calculated odds of each team progressing through to the World Cup final have been measured to reach the most possible outcome.


But as we found out with my previous World Cup Predictions Infographic at the start of the tournament, things don’t always go to plan. Costa Rica were given only a 12.0% chance to progress to the round of 16, yet in Group D, they topped the table.

Another surprising result was Spain. The reigning World Champions were expected to at least make the semi finals, but accumulating only 1 win and 2 losses, they were sent packing out of Group B.

Italy and England both failed to progress, whilst Algeria, Nigeria, Uruguay, United States and Mexico are all happy to remain in the tournament.

This infographic accurately visualizes the difficulty of the finals road for each of the remaining 16 teams if they wish to reach the final.

View the infographic below to see the results of the group stages, and the likely outcome of the finals series to follow:

World Cup 2014 Predictions Finals



Oh não, eu estava errado!



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