Men’s Grand Slam Domination infographic

“This generation is incredible” says Pete Sampras.

The men’s world tennis tour is currently reveling in what many fans and commentators are calling the new ‘Golden Age’ of men’s tennis.

Over the past decade we have witnessed some of the greatest players of all time set some incredible records that may never be broken.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, the powerhouse three have dominated the grand slam competition in recent years and their epic battles have been an absolute joy to watch. Chuck in Scot Andy Murray and ‘The Big Four’ almost never lose, except only to each other.

Since the 2005 Australian Open, the Big Four have won all but one Major, all but two Tennis Masters Cups/ATP World Tour Finals as well as both Olympic Games singles tournaments.

Since 2008 they have occupied all four semifinal spots on four occasions (2008 US, 2011 French, 2011 US and 2012 Aus Open), as well as taking three of the four spaces on nine other separate occasions.

In 2011 they occupied 14 out of a possible 16 Grand Slam semifinal slots. In the same period, only twice have two or more not made the semifinal stage (2009 & 2010 French Open), while in 2012 they took 13 out 16 Grand Slam semifinal slots.

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Here is their record, The Men’s Grand Slam Domination infographic:

Grand Slam Domination



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