The Ashes Infographic

As the first test in Trent Bridge draws to a close, the competition between the Aussies and the English is as hot as it has ever been in the 131 year history of the two proudest sides in world cricket.

It’s no secret that The Ashes contest is widely regarded as one of sports greatest rivalry. And what exactly has caused this rivalry? History. The simply notion that both sides are willing to play for, the ‘body of the death of cricket’, since the bails were burnt by the English in their first defeat in 1882, is remarkable.

The trophy, itself, so small and delicate, outshines any over sized and ugly, metal or glass monstrosities that match only to the obvious egos of the sport.

The Ashes, they represent so much more than a game or cricket, national pride, a  primal desire to prove ourselves past a ‘penal colony’ and overcome the odds by defeating our “parent stock”.

Now, fans, players and countries alike, await in anticipation and excitement for yet another enthralling chapter to this exceptional rivalry to be written.









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