Cobba’s Round 15 Footy Graph – Million Dollar Men

Sorry followers! Unfortunately, this week I spent much of my time representing La Trobe University at the Southern University Games in Ballarat.

As a result, I couldn’t find the time to write up a story or find interesting stats and facts for this week’s AFL Round 15.

But with that said, some big recent news inspired me to dedicate this week’s graph to the man who is currently 6th in the AFL goalkicking tally, showstopper Lance Franklin.



It was announced last week that Greater Western Sydney’s list manager Stephen Silvagni confirmed the Giants are in negotiations with Hawthorn’s Lance Franklin, and even considering offering their number 1 draft pick.

Although talks will not commence until after the season, it is assumed that Buddy’s price tag will rise well over $1 Million, possibly even towards $2 Million thanks to increased payments from the AFL to move north.

But as far as the big bucks go, he is still likely to live in the shadow of the former Giant and Code-Switcher, Israel Folau, who reportedly took home $3 and $4 Million dollars over his two year stint at GWS.



Since 2008, Buddy Franklin has won the Coleman Medal twice (in 2008 and 2011), Hawthorn Goalkicking 6 times (2007-2012) and is a four-time All Australian (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012).

Out of every current player, he holds the record for most 5 goal games (45) and highest average goals per game (3.19). And between 2006 and 2009, Franklin had 71 games in which he kicked at least one goal, the highest of any player in the last decade.

But his value-for-money goes far beyond his stats sheet. At the height of Buddymania in his breakout season, 2008, a few weeks into the season, the Hawthorn merchandise shop, HawksNest, sold out of the gold foam No.2 and No.3 jumper numbers (Franklin wears No.23) and could not get any more from the supplier.

So popular was Franklin with the fans, that any personalized merchandise reportedly sold out two-three times as fast as any other players in the league.


So here it is, the AFL’s ‘Million Dollar Men’, as a part of Cobba’s Round 15 Footy Graph…

Highest Paid





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