Le Tour de France preview 2013 – Infographic

When Christian Prudhomme stepped up to reveal the 2013 Tour de France in December of 2011, there was high expectations. It was marking the 100th edition of arguably the greatest sporting event in Europe. Over three weeks, the route was to showcase the beautiful French landscapes, national monuments, and the many riches and secrets of this country, to the 3.5 billion fans around the globe that watch the event yearly.

An inspired choice was made to have the Grand Depart in Corsica, and then the Grand Boucle will follow a ‘big loop’ around the country. The hallmark is to be the double ascent of the famed Alpe d’Huez.

Whether or not the race was 100, it wouldn’t matter. The Tour de France will always be a spectacular race filled with drama, courage, skill, physical brilliance and the human spirit.

To be chosen to participate in the Tour de France is a career-changing experience. But for the lucky few who are considered worthy enough to chase the General Classification is an incredible honor.


Below you’ll see some of the main contenders for the 2013 Maillot Jaune, with their strengths and weaknesses at hand, the glorious route for the 100th edition of the race, and that much anticipated 18th stage.



Le Tour de France 2013

Character designs inspired by the work of RichMitch


The Tour runs from Saturday 29th of June to Monday 22nd of July.

SBS coverage starts nightly from 10pm and highlights are the following day at 7:30am and 6pm.



Vive le tour,


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