Swedish Meatballs – Eurovision 2013

Get your meatballs ready, set up the IKEA chairs and pour your friends a round of vodka – Sweden is hosting the 2013 edition of the famous Eurovision Song Contest!

Possibly one of the only benefits of living in Azerbaijan, is that they are eligible to enter the Eurovision contest each year. (Indeed they won it in 2011) And by technically being in Europe, they too can feel the national pride exhibited by parading around a stage dressed as Astronauts, Pirates, and… whatever these guys are

In all seriousness though, millions of fans ‘worldwide’ are in love and are passionate about this contest. With good reason too! Between the sequin capes, tight shorts, wind machines and excessively complicated light shows, there is actually some decent talent on display. Who can forget the good old days in 1974 when a bright-eyed bunch of 4 Swedes sung a catchy glam-pop number called Waterloo and then went on to become the most commercially successful acts in the history of pop.

And who would’ve thought that 39 years later, the show returns to Sweden, to be hosted by Malmö. A quaint city famous for unnecessary architecture and some guy who plays soccer in Paris.

After two semi finals, and way too much glitter, 26 acts remain to fight it out for the shot at the greatest song-based contest in the world and especially Europe. War and politics are put aside, for one night of global public embarrassment, that can be conveniently watched in one 21 minute youtube video. Njut!

Oh yeah and there’s an infographic too!


Watch Eurovision on SBS this weekend. The second semi is broadcast on Saturday 18th at 7.30pm, and the final on Sunday from 7.30pm.


Cobba ‘Bjorn’ Stevens

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