The ANZAC Day Clash infographic

“As they played the Last Post and the national anthem, the 100,000-strong crowd uttered not a peep, whispered not a murmur. The atmosphere was electric and the general mood in the air one of reverence for the diggers and anticipation of the game to come…” – Peter Fitzsimons.

It can be a hard act to associate the horrors of war, with the trivialities of a football match, but for the past 18 years, the clash between traditional rivals Collingwood and Essendon, has done just that.

On the day where we pause and reflect on the lives lost for the service of our country, two of football’s biggest sides go head-to-head in what has always been the most anticipated match of the year outside of the Grand Final.

In the infographic below you’ll see some stats on what this game has dished up in previous years. And there’s no doubt this year’s game will add yet another outstanding chapter to this great tradition.


Lest we forget,


2 thoughts on “The ANZAC Day Clash infographic

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