Cobba’s Twitter List

Since starting this blog earlier this year, I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback I’ve received  I’d just like to make an important note now, and say a big thankyou to everyone who has ever clicked on this page, and especially all the wonderful comments I’ve received from my fellow classmates, who all have fantastic blogs too! (Check them out here: And yes, in particular, thank you to my La Trobe Uni lecturer Lawrie and my tutor, Alyce.

So yes, since I’ve focused on the area of infographics, many questions have arisen, in which I’ll attempt to answer some of them now.

Q: “How do you create your infographics?”
A: Photoshop. I just play around with the colors and shapes.

Q: “How long did it take you to learn Photoshop?”
A: I first started about 3 years ago, and just picked up little skills from practicing and online tutorials. If you wanted to, you could learn the craft within a couple of week and a lot of practice.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration for your posts?

A: I’m glad you asked! As much as I would love to count how many handballs vs clangers Adam Goodes gets on the weekend, unfortunately, I am unable to count every stat ever. The internet is a wonderful thing. And most of the data I use for my infographics comes from the amazing work of many others online. After many different methods, I’ve found the best way to collate and monitor topical statistics and records, is through a Twitter list.

Below you will see the 13 accounts that I follow on this list. They are split into 3 categories. Sports News/Updates, Sports Statistics, and Design/Infographics. Each area plays its own role in how I brainstorm, collect information, design and create the visualized data you see here on this site. However, each category and account comes with its pros and cons.

Sports News/Updates

Both professional and personal accounts help me to keep track of the latest news and topics floating around, not only the sporting world, but the wider realm of important topics to society aswell. In particular, the personal accounts of John Carr (who runs the blog The Holy Boots Football Emporium) and Jeff Dowsing (regular contributor to the Footy Almanac and Freelancer for Inside Sport magazine) often tweet about issues that surround everyday Australians, as well as the important stuff like sport and the AFL.

The Professional accounts I’ve chosen, are those which do not post continuously on every ‘newsworthy‘ item in Australian sport (which always clogs up my newsfeed), but only the major issues. After much searching, I’ve found that the editor role of Andrew Tate, (editor of The Sunday Age Sport) and Fox Sports Australia, does this best.

Sports Statistics

In this category a couple of favourites come to mind. If I already have an idea of an AFL stat I’d like to investigate, I’ll head over to RLeague Stats, Footystats or Roger’s Results. Otherwise, the issue of coming up with an idea is mainly left up to whatever I like on this twitter list. For the AFL, The Footy Maths Institute, Andrew Gigacz, Cam Sinclair and Col Hutchinson from AFL Stats Guys, and Peter Higginbotham, all have incredibly inspirational and engaging blogs and tweets on the subject. Otherwise, much of the interesting data on all sports is best received from Opta Jason and the TAB, professional Twitter accounts.


So I have all the data, now what? I’m always on the lookout for ways to better present the data I am given. In this case, it requires scouring the internet for tried and tested examples of web design, colour schemes and typography. To achieve this I follow Visually, Mike Kus, and Typographica. One downfall of this method, is that twitter is a text-based service. Which often means to see the image posted, I need to click the link to another page. Annoying when there is so much online to see.

Twitter List

So there we have it. 1 blog, 1 list, 13 tweeters, and thousands of sources of inspiration.



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