The Treacherous Tenures of Cameron Schwab

Even though many commentators predicted his resignation, it still came as big news when Cameron Schwab announced that he would be stepping down from his position of CEO at the Melbourne Football Club. It ends his 9 year involvement with the club on a sour and glum note, in which he was often praised and respected by not only those inside the club, but the media aswell.

Such anger from the members and supporters, many see Schwab’s sacking as a scapegoat for a club that cannot come up with any answers. But Schwab insists he isn’t.

Source: The Age (9/4/13)

Source: The Age (9/4/13)

It is at this point I would like to investigate his career. Regrettably, it would’ve been difficult to examine the role of a CEO, so rather than measuring income and membership, I have gone ahead and graphed the on-field performance of the club under his control. BEFORE you view the infographic below, I’d like to emphasis that Cameron Schwab has been at the helm of clubs that have certainly gone through difficult circumstances, and under these conditions, the clubs have mostly performed at the expected level. A manager or CEO can hardly be blamed for inconsistent on-field performance. But nethertheless, Schwab has resigned for one reason or another.

Lets see how tough of a job Schwab has really had…

Cameron Schwab

You’ve heard my opinion, the stats also tell a story. So please, what do you think the role of the CEO has in on-field performance?



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