The Stawell Gift Infographic & Stats

It’s Australia’s oldest and most popular sprint, The Stawell Gift has the unique ability to pit local heroes, up against international superstars. Run over every Easter weekend, the competitors are handicapped – measured by their recent times – so that theoretically, they all finish at the same time. The winner of the event, is usually the runner who is able to ‘rise to the occasion’ and perform much better than their previous times.

The Stawell Gift is the feature race of the Easter Monday, which includes more than 60 other athletic events over the weekend. It is expected more than 10,000 fans will attend the event, vital to the local towns economy and heritage.

So who will it be this year? Here are the competitors.

Judging by the statistics found in my infographic, he will most likely be Victorian (69%), and starting from a handicap of 7 or so metres. In the last 20 years, 50% of the winners have come from the home state, but as previous form suggests, it is not unlikely an international sprinter will win the race.

Stawell Gift

Happy Easter and good racing,



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