World Tennis Sponsorship Rankings

Modern day tennis is big business. There’s no questioning that.

Novak Djokovic and Viktoria Azarenka pocketed a tidy $2.43 million for taking out the singles titles in last week’s 2013 Australian Open. With that kind of cash floating around the industry, one can only imagine the figures Federer may be taking home just for wearing Nike branded shirts.

With that, I’ve always wondered about the state of the market share in the competition. Which brand is worn by the most players? And where do they sit in terms of world ranking? Would Adidas prefer to sponsor number 20, 21 and 22, or just to be worn by number 2?

To answer this, I decided to take the ATP’s top 100 Men’s singles rankings (as of Jan 1st 2013) and found their apparel (above) and racquet (below) sponsor the results I found were interesting and surprising.   Not one brand dominates the market, and many players prefer to showcase little known brands despite the big offers they are sure to receive from the larger companies such as Nike or Adidas.

Who, is your favorite brand? And how did they perform in the World Tennis Sponsorship rankings?

Tennis Sponsors 100 v2


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